The Perfect Performers’ Jacket

Our much asked for jackets project is moving forward.

Responding to demand, we are launching a new project to make lightweight, playable jackets and tails that allow musicians to perform comfortably in all temperatures.

We have chosen an award-winning design team with experience working with the Milan Opera.

We now need as many musicians as possible around the world to sign up for the project. Those who sign up will be kept informed of progress and will be asked to test-drive the samples. Once we have enough people registered, we will ask for a nominal deposit towards the development of the jackets, which will be subtracted from the final price of the jacket.

Black shirts for musician

The final jacket or jackets will go on sale on our website and the price will reflect demand. The greater the number of people signing up for the project, the lower we can make the final price.

To sign up, complete the form below:

Jacket signup

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