Black Dress Code’s Innovation

Black Dress Code Ltd. provides musicians with the first purpose-designed range of stylish black concert clothes allowing complete freedom of breath and movement. Our one-stop shop provides a year-round supply of chic, black concert dresses, skirts and shirts to meet all requirements.

No longer do musicians need to scour the sales racks at Christmas to find the few items that meet their orchestral or choral dress needs for the year, nor are they forced to squeeze into restrictive, badly-made black shirts or dresses. Our one-stop shop provides a year-round supply of chic, easy-care black clothes that meet all your requirements.

I am a former finance journalist and book editor but I gave up work to focus on my family for a few years. As my daughter grew up to be a passionate musician, I found it hard to find the clothes she was asked to wear for her performances. I founded Black Dress Code when it became clear that an entire, highly-trained profession had no access to a ready supply of stylish clothes in which they could perform in comfort and at their best.

  • Clothes made in ethical factories in the UK and Portugal
  • Waistbands expand as you breathe
  • Sleeves allow complete freedom of movement
  • Fabrics breathe, are crease resistant and are all easily washable
  • Same shade of deep black throughout our range
  • Our Rubato™ fabric is the perfect tour fabric
  • Beautiful professional men’s shirts packed with design features to enhance performance
  • Quality clothes ethically produced in the UK and Portugal and guaranteed
  • Affordable price commitment with a stated aim to minimise landfill
  • Our glossy, black postage bags are biodegradable
We can customise our clothes for individuals, schools, orchestras or choirs

The dresses were a great success and the girls and parents were really happy with them. They made the performance look much more professional and cohesive.

Lucy Elphinstone / , Headmistress Francis Holland School, Sloane Square

Your clothes are worth every penny, and are quite frankly the only clothes I’ve ever found that I’ve felt remotely comfortable in to perform.

Pianist / Wales